Carbon Fiber Frame, Work, and Wheelset
Performance. Comfort. Quality. Affordability. 

PERFORMANCE. If there is that one performance bike that we all need for any type of road, from the newly paved, asphalted roads to mountainous terrains, this is it! Stiffness and lightness of carbon fiber.

COMFORT. All that adventure is possible, with an easy wheel change. Compatible with a 700c, 50mm fast rolling tire-wheel combo and a wider-comfortable all-terrain 650b 2.1 tire, there is no road that it cannot conquer.

QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY. Taken from a reputable factory in china, carefully sourced out to prioritize with value and dependability in mind. We offer two (2) years warranty on framesets and one (1) year for Wheelsets plus our direct from factory pricing and free Shipping nationwide. Providing years of enjoyment and peace of mind.

We have carefully picked this platform to suit The Weekend Bike Lifestyle to provide a fast, versatile, tough, and value-for-money ride that suits that elegant roadie, the calm commuter, and the tough xc racer in all of us.

Talk to us now. Test ride it! feel it.