The Weekend Cycling Club

The Weekend Cycling Club

est. 2020, Support each other. 

Your club, my club, our club! Click the link above to find us.

Philippines Philippines

Bikers gather here to have a steady group cycling schedule that you can just show up in.

Virtual riding is welcome too! Kudos and Likes are very common Here. Its a very supportive group! Virtual or not!

We see each other on the meetup point, but you don't have to finish with the group. Ride your own pace, Cheer on, Be cheered on. Don't cheer, Cheer. Laugh, Don't Laugh. Smile, Don't smile. It's your ride, it's your Weekend. We are just here for the ride,

Friendships and bonds will follow.

Good vibes only. Nothing else.

*we would love you to tag us along in your rides too! Send us a Message. We will support you in any way we can! Big city or small, we will support and promote!


Club Progress Summary

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Club's Latest rides

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 Better Everyday.